Sovereign Christmas Party Style Guide

Sunday, December 1, 2019

With the festive season about to kick-off, most of us will have Christmas parties to attend, either through work or social events organised among friends.

And with Christmas parties having a more “formal” dress code, it’s a chance for us to make a little extra effort with our outfit choice, which, for the modern man, means matching our hairstyles accordingly.

Sovereign boss Kyle Ross borrowed Jamie and styled his hair in a few different ways to demonstrate and give a few ideas as to how we can match our hair styles and apparel accordingly.


"Be it a black-tie dinner where 'penguin suits' are part of the code, or a shirt tie affair, formal clothes require formal hair styling. Think James Bond and you’re along the right lines.

"For a look to match such an occasion, you’re going to want your hair to look polished and immaculate. To style Jamie’s hair, I went slicked back with distinct definition creating clean lines and high shine finish.

"From wet, blow dry your hair straight backwards. This look doesn’t require volume so it’s an easy one to shape. If your hairline is receding or naturally slightly higher, dry straight back and then go slightly to one side or the other, this avoids overexposing the hairline and doesn’t draw attention to it.

"Once the hair is dry, a pomade is perfect this, I used Hanz De Fuko Modify Pomade, as it gives us the high shine finish we desire, but its water soluble foundation means it never looks too heavy or greasy as a lot of other pomades do.

"I added the clean defined lines using a wide tooth comb, and when I say wide, I mean very wide, combing front to back. This is what takes this style from being flat and lifeless to elegant eye catching.

"As with all of the looks here, you’re going to want them to last the night (or day if you’re really going for it), so apply a generous amount of Hanz De Fuko Style Lock hairspray. It literally does exactly what it says on the tin."


"For those events where the dress code isn’t quite tuxedo, but you’ll still need to make an effort, here’s the ideal opportunity to do something a bit different. Again, polished and definition is in the brief here, however we can take this opportunity add a bit more life and fun to our look.

"From wet, blow dry your hair forward this time. If you’re more advanced in your hair drying skills, grab a round brush and start turning the sections around the brush and lifting from the roots, however if you struggle with this, don’t worry too much as the next step is where most of the work for this style is done.

"Curling tongs! For self-styling, I find a tong is easier than a wand to create a curl, it has a clamp on it that makes it a lot less fiddley to handle.

"Turn on the tong and allow it to heat, in the meantime, I applied Hanz De Fuko Scheme Cream through the hair generously from root to tip. It’s lightweight and will aid keeping the curls smooth, as well as acting as a heat protector.

"I sectioned the hair into rows from crown to temple, about two inches thick. Then working one section at a time, lifted it straight up, clamped the ends of the hair into the tong, the rolled down towards the root. Lifting each section straight up adds volume at the root.

"Alternating the direction of each section allows the curls to blend. Once all curled and set, I used my fingers and some more Scheme Cream to dress the hair out and again, finished generously with Hanz De Fuko Style Lock hairspray."


"If it’s dinner in a nice restaurant or drinks in a high-end bar, you’re still going to want to use the occasion to make a little extra effort. For this look I went for a bit more of a matte finish to keep the style on the more casual side but added plenty volume and allowed the hair to sit in a natural side parting for the smart.

"While the hair was still wet, I added some Hanz De Fuko Dry Shampoo, this is amazing for taking that just washed softness out of your hair, and gives the hair a tackiness to hold the volume you blow dry into it. It’s about adding volume in the right places with this, so using a hair dryer and the concentrator nozzle, guide the sides of your hair backwards and follow the head shape in towards the back.

"Then through the top, grab a round brush and dry your hair in sections straight upwards before allowing it to fall back. This creates the volume we want. I then used Hanz De Fuko Claymation and spread it evenly through the hair.

"I created the part just using my fingers to pry the hair apart, this gives a softer finish than to comb the part in and aids making this style more smart casual than formal. Lastly again I applied a generous amount of Style Lock to help that volume to last."


The run-up to Christmas is always a busy time at Sovereign.

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