Sovereign Winter Grooming Guide 2019

Friday, November 15, 2019

Winter is coming. Scratch that, it's here - and it has already been freezing in Aberdeen.

Most of us are dusting down the winter wardrobe, breaking out the chunky knitted jumpers, big coats and hats.

At this time of year, you should also be thinking about changing your grooming routine.

Need help? Here's the Sovereign Winter Grooming Guide


Hair's original purpose, going back to Neanderthal man, was for insulation. And with the bitter cold weather, beards can still serve this purpose and, so long as they are well groomed, can enhance our appearance and masculinity.

Get a bit more volume in your beard for warmth over the winter months,but keep it tight in the sideburn area and gradually blend into length in the goatee area.

Keep the outline neat and tidy so your beard still looks kept. And extra volume needs extra conditioning, so apply Recipe For Men Ultra Soft Beard Balm for added conditioning and hold for flyaway hair.

Our skin and scalp take a battering in the winter, not only from the elements but from the copious amounts of dry heat we are subjected to from radiators, fireplaces and fans in cars.

In order to prevent flakiness or cracked skin we need to keep the skin moisturised and our scalp healthy.

Doers of London produce the perfect combination to tackle this. Its Daily Moisturiser reduces skin redness and the irritations caused by shaving and the environment. Secondly, it deeply moisturises and enhances the skin’s natural barrier. And number three, it combats signs of ageing.

The brand also has a matching shampoo which is a uniquely creamy and balancing formula, designed to combat everyday dryness.

Hats…while they can be a stylish and practical accessory during these cold months, when we step indoors or into the office, they are a big no.

Removing your hat can leave a flat mess on the top of your head. Consider adapting your style to something a bit lower maintenance that can be easily revived.

Short sides and plenty texture up top means you can easily throw your fingers into your hair and add some life back into your hairstyle.

Consider adapting your fringe to be worn down, or across to the side if your face shape suits. Or if your feeling a little more adventurous, crop it!


The run-up to Christmas is always a busy time at Sovereign.

We have opened up our stylist's December diaries now so that our clients can book in with who they want, when they want.

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