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Saturday, June 5, 2021

This is the blog we hoped we’d never have to write, as by June 2021 we all hoped the pandemic, and the never-ending stream of Zoom and Teams calls, would be behind us.

Sadly, this isn’t the case, so we thought we’d pull together a blog to help you look your best for video conferences this summer.

Looking good on video calls or meetings requires a grooming regime tailored to the new way of life many of us are leading.


There is growing evidence that all that blue light from our screens might be making us look older.

Yes, we can now add “Screen Face” to the list of afflictions allegedly caused by our dependence on digital technology.

The purported culprit is the high-energy visible light (HEV – otherwise known as blue light) emitted by our devices, which some experts within the beauty industry claim could be as ageing as sun damage.

HEV is present in daylight, but it’s also emitted by fluorescent lighting and LEDs, including TV screens, smartphones, tablets and computers, according to a recent report in The Guardian.

Thankfully, there are a range of grooming products out there to help tackle the issue. Recipe for Men offer a range of moisturisers that come with built-in SPF protection, giving your skin a fresh feeling and protection against both sunlight and blue light. Click here to see more.


Most of us have had that moment where we catch our reflection in the fish-eye lense of our laptop, phone or tablet, and winced.

The angles are almost always unforgiving, and poor lighting often means blemishes on the face, such as spots and pimples, are visible.

Don’t worry, Recipe for Men also has your back here. A creamy and caring liquid concealer with vitamin E, Recipe for Men Concealer  covers dark circles, bags and puffiness in the under eye area, as well as minor skin complexions such as small rashes and pimples.

Comes in three colours - light, medium and dark to match your complexion. Apply in the under eye, on the eye lids, around the nose or anywhere to cover small rashes or other minor skin complexions.

Always use a moisturizer or an under eye gel before applying concealer.


Many people have let their hair grow a bit during the various lockdowns of 2020 and 2021.

If your hair is starting to become a mass on the top of your head, try switching out your hair product. A lot of us like a matte finish to our styling products, and while this is great when we’re freshly cut, as our hair grows, something with a bit more shine tends to have a bit more weight and will reduce fluffiness.

If you don’t like too much shine, American Crew’s Cream Pomade gives us a subtle shine finish. Hanz De Fuko’s Scheme Cream will reduce body while still allowing the hair to look quite natural.


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