Get the look: David Beckham

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Let's be honest, we’d all love to look like David Beckham.

In what has become a near monthly staple of the hair industry, the former footballer is once again catching eyes with his immaculate style.

Last weekend he was photographed at the Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix sporting the latest evolution of his short top finish.

Here, Sovereign chief Kyle Ross, winner of Best Barber UK, explains how you can get the look.


Before choosing this style, bare in mind that Becks has the ideal face shape for men. While woman desire an oval face shape, square is best for blokes.

He has a strong jawline and although has had many different hairstyles, he generally tends to avoid anything with too much height or a long beard so as not to elongate his face shape. So discuss with your stylist first if this style would suit your face shape.

Factor in your hair density and texture. Beckham has a decent amount of hair. Not too thick and not too thin. Relatively straight but can be manipulated easily to create movement if necessary due to his hair not being too course or to abundant.


To get this style, you’ll be looking for around the length of a #2 guard, if your hair is thick, drop to a #1 or #1.5 to avoid the sides looking too full in comparison to the relatively short top.

The sides are taken quite high, creating disconnection between the sides and the length at the top. However every good hair cut should connect somewhere and this is always at the crown. This cut is no different and the top starts off short, gradually getting longer towards the front.

The top is cut relatively square, slightly following the uniformity of the head shape as it reaches the sides to avoid it looking like a flat top. There’s plenty of texture cut into it, but this is kept quite soft by point cutting into the hair to create a mixture of short and long layers. This adds movement and keeps it looking visually interesting through the length of the cut.

The edges are quite soft. There is a soft taper at the neckline in and the outline is clean without showing particularly hard lines. This is a stark contrast to the balding techniques and straight razored edges that we have seen be the trend the past few years.


The style is finished by finger drying the hair into shape. Encourage movement and distortion of those textured layers, and blast that fringe up the way.

Add some Hanz De Fuko Quicksand to the hair while damp prior to drying, this will add a grit like texture to the hair to aid the hold while still looking natural.

Once dried into shape, add some Hanz De Fuko Claymation to maintain the matte finish, but adding extra hold and showing off the texture. Add a little Hanz De Fuko Style lock to hold that style in place all day.

And don’t forget the skin! You don’t look that good at his age without a good skincare regime. Doers of London Hydrating Face Cream will keep the skin looking smooth and fight against ageing.


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"Have been to Sovereign twice now. Both times have been a great experience. A drink on arrival with a comfortable waiting area. Richard was my chosen barber and I was very impressed and happy with how he approached my headshape and hair which suited me best. Will definitely come to the shop again. "

Ross // Google Reviews // Oct 2023
"What a great brand Kyle from Sovereign is building. Such a friendly and professional place to get your hair and beard done. Keep up the good work!!"

Mark Dryden // Facebook // 17th Feb 2019
"After taking my son to other barbers, who I always found really rough, Nathan from Sovereign took his time and was so gentle while cutting my son's hair. He made him feel at ease and relaxed - not only that, he now has a decent style growing after constantly getting it cropped short from other barbers."

Jenna Doran // Facebook // 16th Feb 2019
"Good service, great haircut. They really know what they are doing."

Josef Schachner // Google Review // 6th September 2019
"I had a fantastic experience at Sovereign. Really good haircut and the nicest cut-throat shave ever."

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Scott Bremner // Facebook // 20th April 2019
"Went to Sovereign for the first time after hearing good things. I booked in with Adam and I feel the happiest I’ve felt after a haircut for a long time. Would highly recommend Sovereign and Adam."

Finlay Jack // Google Reviews // Nov 2023
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Jack Rogan // Google Reviews // Nov 2023
"After going to several barbers and always being unsatisfied with the result I finally landed in the sovereign. I have never been as happy with my haircut as I was after Richard cut my hair, great atmosphere in the place and a nice, easygoing conversation with Richard. I wasn't sure with what I wanted on top but Richard talked me through what he thought would work best, and I came out looking fresh with a really well done taper fade and a surprisingly versatile fringe. Overall the place is relaxed but professional, after the haircut Richard gave some advice on how to style my hair and told me about my hair type and what it means for styling. Brilliant guy and a brilliant haircut. I will certainly be back again many times."

Miko // Google Reviews // March 2023
"This place is the best, everyone got amazing skills but my guy Jamie always gives me the best of the best! The service here is incredible too, everyone soo welcoming and kind!"

Jordan Alexander // Google Reviews // Jan 2023
"Been going here for the past two years. Very skilled barbers that all do a fantastic job - really class place."

Alex Cormier // Google Reviews // Oct 2023
"Had my haircut by Kyle for around 2 years, still the best haircuts I’ve ever had - always the best service at Sovereign! The new facial service is amazing I would recommend to anyone who is looking to either keep up their regular routine or for anyone new and wanting a start and get some advice!"

Calum Fowler // Facebook // 19th April 2019
"Really can’t recommend this place highly enough. Complete professionalism every time. I always book with Carlanne who is always forthcoming with advice and tips. I walk away after every amazed by how knowledgeable the staff are with their 'no question is a stupid question approach'."

Andrew Stephen // Facebook // 19th Feb 2019
"I’ve been cut from the very best over the years such as Rainbow Room in Glasgow as well as Toni and Guy yet Kyle’s authentic yet modern approach to hairdressing at sovereign is one of the best, if not the best I’ve experienced."

Adil Shahid // Facebook // 18th Feb 2019