Get the Look: Matthew McConaughey

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Imagine living in a world where both Noel Gallagher and Leonardo DiCaprio thought your were the coolest person on Earth.

Yet this does not faze the effortlessly cool Matthew McConaughey. In fact, nothing does.

Gallagher wanted to be his best friend after drunkenly meeting him at a wedding.

"My brother, do you wear a hat?" McConaughey asked the Oasis star, to which Gallagher replied "no".

McConaughey responded: "You can’t wear no hat, your thoughts are too big for a hat." And from that moment, a bromance was born.

His iconic lunch scene with DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street was not scripted. The humming and chest thumping is something he has always done before the cameras start rolling to clear his mind.

DiCaprio saw it and asked him to do it in the scene. The rest is history.

His effortless cool extends to his hair, which is usually styled mid-length - a look which is growing in popularity.

Here's the Sovereign guide to matching this magnificent mane.


It’s relaxed, yet versatile enough to be worn casual, business or formal with some minor tweaks. Mid-length styles are coming more and more on trend, and while McConaughey has consistently been one for longer length styles, his hair is currently at the length many want.


People with waves and curls. This style is all about movement, so will be difficult to achieve this look on straight hair without the help of a curling tong or being a dab hand with a brush and hair dryer. Because the style is worn swept back away from the face, a fuller hairline is also required, because otherwise the direction of the hair in this style will draw attention to a receding hairline.


Obviously you already need to have the length, otherwise discuss with your barber a plan to gradually grow into this style. Rule of thumb is to grow out the top first while keeping the sides and back shorter, then gradually allow the sides to grow in and lastly the back.

If you already have the required length, it’s all about layers. Layers add the texture and remove the weight from the mass of hair you will have. Keep the layers square to keep the shape looking masculine.


This is dependent on how you want to wear it. Day-to-day, opt for Hanz De Fuko Scheme Cream, it’s light enough to not overload the excess hair while still providing a good hold and a healthy shine. It’ll reduce the number of soft flyaway hairs appearing to give your style a rugged but kept finish.

If you want to go a little more formal with it, Modify Pomade will spread evenly through the hair’s density while increasing the shine and a bit more weight to create a more groomed and elegant style.


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