Get the Look: Sam Fender

Sunday, July 10, 2022

It's festival season and if you want to become the spit of Sam Fender, then we can help.

Kyle Ross - winner of Best Barber UK - has broken down the Geordie star’s style to help you 'get the look'.


In most scenarios when we cut men’s hair, we are trying to create a classic square shape. This is deemed as ‘the standard’ men’s shape, but creating this look allows us to move into a softer, more rounded shape, which offers movement.

If you look at the outline of most hair shapes, and drew a line around it, you would usually find that you would draw a shape resembling a square, or triangle, something which has acute angles to it.

But if you drew a line around this style, you would see that the shape of this line would represent something a little more round, which when used on hair with strong movement can create a very flattering shape.


The most important thing for this style is having that strong wave or curl to your hair. However, face shape is also important when deciding what would be the right look for you.

You will notice that while Sam has that soft rounded shape through the top of his haircut, the sides and back are still quite tight. This is because of his face shape; the top half of his face shape (the forehead) is quite wide, in comparison to the bottom half (his jawline).

Therefore, adding extra length or rounded ‘bulk’ to the sides of his head is going to eventuate this shape and make the overall head shape unbalanced.


Most proficient barbers could deliver this style. You're looking at clippering the back and sides to your desired length, and cutting the top to leave a bit more length towards the front.

The main difference from your classic clipper cut, is rounding the areas where the sides and the top connect. Point cutting as opposed cutting perfectly straight lines will add to the softness of the curls.

If you happen to have straight hair, you’re going to need to ‘alter’ the structure of it. This can be done chemically by perming the hair, however it is actually quite simple to style you hair in this way using some heated styling tools which are inexpensive.


The finish you want to your hair is going to be depended on your own hair texture. If your hair is coarse, you’re going to be looking at something with a bit of shine to it.

Adding medium to high shine products to coarse hair, reduces the amount the hair ‘puffs out’ and also really defines a lot of the curls or waves in the hair.

I would recommend Hanz de Fuko Hybridized Wax, which will nail the high shine and defined curls. It has won countless awards and is considered one of the best hair products in the world today.


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